Sometimes I Annoy porn cartoon Myself

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. The weather was gorgeous. I knew I had to get out and run. I got dressed, put my hair up, and headed out. In all honesty, I felt great. My legs felt good. I wasn’t having any breathing issues. Did I mention the weather was amazing? (It was 62*!)

I’m not sure what happened in my head,but for some reason I stopped after my first 2 miles. I don’t have a reason. I still felt good. I went home, grabbed a bottle of water, and began to loathe myself. After a few minutes, I could barely stand myself. I knew if I didn’t go back out and finish, I would beat myself up forever.

In an effort to turn my mood around, I asked my 8 year old daughter if she wanted to ride her bike along with me. She was eager to go, so we headed out. She is still new to bike riding, so the 2 mile ride around the neighborhood was quite an adventure.

I won’t lie. I was (am) really upset with myself over not finishing the run in the first place. But I wouldn’t trade the time I got to spend with my little girl for anything. There will always be another chance to run, but my girl will grow up and move on all too soon. Maybe tomorrow I will make it through the first day of week 4.


  1. I’m excited to went back porn cartoon out! WOW!

    My big kids have been gone all week. I totally could have run (inside OR out) and SHOULD have but I didn’t. I sat on my tail when hubby got home and watched the next episode of North and South with him until our shows came on at 8.

    It it awesome that you even went out to start with! Sometimes I would get on the treadmill and halfway through I’m just not feeling it. It’s not that I want to “give up” I’m just not into it right then and I want to stop. It’s okay, and look what a wonderful memory you made instead!

  2. Hey Cassie, thanks for commenting on my blog! I always enjoy essay writer meeting new readers. I hope to see you around again! Oh, and yeah, the weather this week was amazing, but I was not running through it. I’m definately not a runner :)

  3. LOVE adult anime YOUR FONT! cute blog YEAH for running together!!

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